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Cases Profiled/Consulted

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Jaye Potter Mintz Case





Geographical Profile of Unsolved Rapes-Ramsey St., Fayetteville, NC

Kelli Bordeaux Case



Jacque Waller Geo Profile


Jennings, LA Unsolved Serial Murders



Glinda Pulley and Tyler Jones Case

Warrenton, NC

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Jason Young Case - Raleigh, NC

Jason Young Case - Raleigh, NC


Rebecca Zahau Case - San Diego, CA


Eastburn Murders/Timothy Hennis Case

Fayetteville, NC


Tara Grinstead, Ocilla, GA 2005

More will be posted on the Grinstead case. Dr. Godwin

was hired by Tara's sister back in March 2006



Steven Fortin Case, NJ


Michelle Bullard Case - Fayetteville, NC


Jennifer Kesse Case, FL


Kevin and Aaron Annett Murders,

Blackfoot, Idaho (Snake River)


Casey Anthony Case, FL


Derrick Todd Lee - serial killer

 Baton Rouge Serial Killer

Dr. Godwin work this case


AM Serial Rapist, Phoenix, AZ 2005

Dr. Godwin's Geographical Profile


DC Sniper Geo Profile, DC, VA, MD


Serial Killer John Williams, Jr., Raleigh, NC












 From Tim Hennis Investigation

Dr. Godwin being interviewed on News 14 in Raleigh about the DC Sniper Case