Even though there are many brands of smartphones in the market, iPhone are always the dream of many people in current trend. There are also crazy lovers of iPhone who tend to upgrade their model according to recent release. The latest model of iPhone which is trending in the current market is iPhone 12 pro. This smartphone is loaded with the most interesting and advanced features that can mesmerize the users to a greater extent.


Like that of other iPhone models, the display of this model makes it more attractive than they sound to be. The display is about 6.1 inches. And it a new kind of material is used for this model whereas this kind of cover glass is not pointed out in any other models of Apple. This cover glass material is officially mentioned as ceramic shield. And it is supposed to have better shatter resistance.


Even though the camera set up has not greatly changed, they tend to have more interesting features. The most interesting part is with the help of this camera, 4K 60fps video can be recorded. But in order to record this video, the option called toggle which is found in the camera setting should be enabled. A new version of Dolby vision is also used in this model.


Like that of other iPhone models, this model is also made with high durable and long lasting battery. It tends to have all day battery life and the fast charging technology which can make things more convenient for the users. The people who want to buy iphone 12 pro can easily shop them from the online market.