Vedam Movie For Free On Aha OTT

Vedam Movie For Free On Aha OTT

Vedam is unique which was made in telugu film industry, you would never want to change the channel oor close the tab if you are watching a vedam movie. It’s not a big industry hit but definitely a movie that every one must watch. Vedam movies teach the reality of life. It speaks about the hard work. Passion and humanity that each of us must have. At one point of time it will definitely affect you mentally to be strong enough to be true and passionate. It’s one of the online movies free, so you can find it on Aha. watch vedam movie online definitely on Aha.


The story is all about 5 people, how they lead their lives in the midst of chaos. Vivek is a musician, he will be having lots of shows for the new year’s eve. Soo travels from bangalore to hyderabad, he misses his flight so they come by road. Their car got punched and had to stay with Lasya for the while. Some people tease lasya, they fight and finally they reach hyderabad. 2nd story is about Cable Raju who belongs from lower middle to jubilee hills. He loves Pooja who is a rich kid. Pooja doesn’t know anything about raju’s financial background. He acts as a rich kid so she falls for him. Everyday is a task for him to prove his richness.

Next comes the Rammulu, he is a oldman who lives with the widowed daughter in law and her son. His life is filled with debts. Soo the rowdy takes his grandson and keeps him in work. He will only leave him once Rammlu pays the whole amount. Saroja is a popular prostitute in Amalapuram. She is a senior. She doesn’t want to work for her and start her new business, so she escapes and comes to hyderabad. Rahim is a musilim guy, whos has a misaccrage in the hindumuslim fight in old city of hyderbad. He decides to leave the country and go and he hosts a last party. Wondering if they all are related to each other? Watch vedam movie online to see how they all are connected and what will be the climax.

Technical Aspects:

  • The whole of the movie has the brightest story. It was built with so much passion and responsibility.
  • Technicalities of these are at the best pace. You will definitely like the way it’s all portrayed in the movie from cinematography, locations, editing and characterization. You will just enjoy this movie abundantly and learn even more.


Cast and Crew:

Actor: Allu arjun

Actress: Anushka

Other actors: Manchu Manoj, ManojBajpai, Saranya Ponvannan, Nagayya, Deeksha Seth, Lekha Washington, SiyaGautam, Brahmanandam

Director: Krish

Art Director: Rajeev Nayar

Banner: Arka Media Works

Distributed by: Sri VenkateswaraCreations

Producer: ShobuYarlagadda,PrasadDevineni

Music: M. M. Keeravani

Cinematography: Gnanasekhar V. S

Editing: Shravan

Story By: Krish

Other information:

Runtime: 135 minutes

Release date: 4 June 2010

Genre: Anthology action drama

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